Having Wisdom Teeth Removed May Be Scary, but We Make It Simple

Having wisdom teeth removed is something that scares many people, often because it is the first time they have ever needed any sort of surgery in their lives. So the result is that they put it off. And they put it off some more. And this can go on until the pain becomes too much to bear and they really have to accept the inevitable.wisdom teeth surgeons

However, wisdom teeth removal is not actually a big deal. It is not like having gall stones removed, or heart surgery, or even brain surgery. Certainly, it is an operation, but it is a fairly minor operation that can be performed under light general anesthetic and doesn’t take very long.

Most importantly, it is something that really should not be put off.

Our wisdom teeth are the last ones to erupt and this usually doesn’t happen until mid-teens. Some people never have any trouble with wisdom teeth and can keep them for their whole life, but this is a relatively small number of people. In fact, most people need wisdom teeth removed.

This is because, somewhat like the appendix, we no longer need them. The result is that, over thousands of years, man’s jaws have grown smaller and there simply is no longer enough room for them.

However, They Still Try To Grow

What happens is that they still try to grow, but because there isn’t enough room in the jaw they can push other teeth out of alignment, create problems in the gums, and even lead to the destruction of parts of the jawbone. This is why they need to be removed before they start causing problems. They are called wisdom teeth because we are in our teens before they start to grow, and by this age we are supposed to have achieved a certain amount of wisdom! Unfortunately, San Francisco tends to have a lot of young, affluent residents and they are in their 20s or maybe 30s and have a sense of “invincibility.” They put off getting their wisdom teeth removed even though they have many top-rated choices right here in San Francisco! Procrastination is the name of the game.

However, the only wise thing to do is to have these teeth checked over regularly and if they begin to cause problems, or are going to cause them, have them removed. At Oral Surgery San Francisco we can offer wisdom teeth extraction in the Financial District of SF in our office here.

Indeed, wisdom teeth removal in the Financial District of SF is really a minor surgery. Sure, there may be some soreness for a few days afterward, but this can be attended to with painkillers. So at the end of the day, there is no excuse!

Our doctors are happy to provide all patients with a free consult for wisdom teeth removal in the Financial District of SF, so book an appointment by clicking on the Contact Us link at the top of the page. It is the wise thing to do and can save you a lot of much more serious problems only months down the line.