Considering Your Jaw and Your Search for the Best Jaw Surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area

Like many parts of the human body, your jawbone is something that you may take for granted. However, just think for a second of the tremendous pressure that is created when you chew on food! The human jaw is literally a crushing device! Imagine just how much pressure is created when you chew on an apple, or better still, a nut. It is considerable.jaw surgeon

For that very reason, among others, the jaw can have problems, and if that should happen you will need a top-rated jaw surgeon in the Bay Area. But how do you find the best jaw surgeon in the Bay Area for any jaw problem? Well one way is to interview more than one and get a second, or even a third, opinion. There is an old saying that there is more than one way to skin a cat, and it can be very true of jaw surgery as well. This is why you need to talk to an expert if you need any form of jaw surgery in the Bay Area.

We Have Two Of The Best Bay Area Jaw Surgeons

At Oral Surgery San Francisco we have not just one, but two of the best jaw surgeons in the Bay Area. They are Dr Alex Rabinovich and Dr Noah Sandler and they each have many years of experience, having treated thousands of patients between them for just about every jaw problem you could think of. Dr Rabinovich has even made voluntary trips abroad in order to help children with serious jaw disorders in poor countries where they simply do not have surgeons with the necessary expertise, or even if they do, the families are too poor to be able to afford them.

The problem with jaw issues is that, if you suffer from them, they are not just going to go away. They will simply deteriorate and get worse, and that is why you need to talk to the best jaw surgeons in the Bay Area in order to get their considered opinion on your problem and the best way of resolving it.

Every individual is different, and while the problems may be similar, they may well need a different approach. This is why both of our doctors are happy to offer all patients a completely free consult. This means that you can get a separate opinion from each of our doctors as to the best course of procedure in your particular case. Many patients have found that they get a very similar opinion from both doctors.

This is a good thing because it can give you the confidence to go ahead with jaw surgery, knowing that you are in the capable hands of one of the best jaw surgeons in the Bay Area.