If You Have Wisdom Teeth Issues, You Need Them Removed

Many people wonder why wisdom teeth are so called. In the 17th century they were referred to as “teeth of wisdom” which became “wisdom teeth” in the 19th century. They are your third molars, and they generally appear between the ages of 17 and 25 by which time you have attained adulthood, and it is assumed that you have also attained a certain amount of wisdom.It is wise to remove wisdom teeth

Recent research has shown that the brain continues to grow and develop through adolescence and many now believe that it does not fully mature until 25, which seems to endorse the idea that your carefree younger days have been replaced with the responsibility of being an adult.

Provided your wisdom teeth erupt and grow straight, they will not need to be removed. However, the fact is that in most people they cause problems. They can grow sideways, only partially erupt, get stuck under the jaw, and cause all sorts of issues such as gum infections, cysts, and even tumors, which can result in destruction of the jawbone itself. They can also push other teeth out of alignment as they try to find a path to erupt, and, of course, in doing all this they can cause pain.

The Wise Thing To Do: Schedule a Wisdom Teeth Consult in our San Francisco Office

The answer is that, if you are having any wisdom teeth issues, the “wise” thing to do is to have them removed. For this you will need to see one of the San Francisco wisdom teeth surgeons such as Dr. Alex Rabinovich at Oral Surgery San Francisco.

Wisdom teeth removal is oral surgery, so is best done by one of our San Francisco wisdom teeth surgeons rather than a general dentist. There can be inherent dangers in wisdom teeth removal, such as damage to nerves, so it is essential to see a specialist surgeon.

Dr. Rabinovich uses the very latest 3D CAT scanner which gives him a full 3D picture of your jaw and teeth, and it also enables him to avoid striking any nerves. He can evaluate the present position of your wisdom teeth and will be able to see if there will be any future problems, even if there are no immediate issues. It has been shown in studies that early treatment before problems actually start will result in a better long-term outcome for the patient. This means that it is worth your while to book an appointment with Dr. Rabinovich, who is one of the foremost San Francisco wisdom teeth surgeons, for a free consult which he is happy to offer to all patients.

You can book a free appointment today for an assessment of your wisdom teeth by simply clicking on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.