The Only Jaw Surgeon Who Is the “Best” Is the Right One for You

Many people who are in need of jaw surgery begin by searching for “top-rated jaw surgeons in California”. But “top-rated” is kind of a meaningless term. This is true not just in San Francisco or the Bay Area but throughout California.The jaw surgeon in San Francisco who is the best is the right one for you

However, if you need jaw surgery of one sort or another, searching for “top-rated jaw surgeons in California” will only serve to give you other people’s opinions. Those people may have had a completely different surgery from the one that you need.

Your best bet is to reach out for a one-on-one consultation with a jaw surgeon – and preferably more than one – to discuss your options for surgery and find the surgeon who feels right for you. The only person that matters is you, and you need to find a surgeon who listens to you and who will devise a plan specifically for your individual situation. Everybody is different, and what is right for one may not be right for another.

A Free Consultation with an Oral Surgeon

This is why our doctors at Oral Surgery San Francisco – Dr. Alex Rabinovich and Dr. Noah Sandler – are both very happy to provide all patients with a completely free consultation so that they can get to know you and listen to your story. They need to be able to provide you with a full examination including a 3D scan with our top of the range scanner, which is far superior to an X-ray. Only then will they be able to devise a treatment plan especially for you, and crucially, be able to give you an accurate cost.

On the matter of cost, there is no need to worry about it as we have a wide range of different finance options available. In many cases, of course, your surgery may be covered by your insurance, and if this is the case, we are happy to work directly with your insurance company in order expedite the payment. If you are not fully covered by your insurance we have interest free plans available from three to 24 months, extended payment plans up to 48 months, revolving lines of credit starting at £5,000, and plans with instant approval, no down payment, and no application fee, so there is a suitable plan for everyone.

Whatever sort of surgery you may need, our doctors can provide it. By all means carry out a search for top-rated jaw surgeons in California if you wish: you will probably find our doctors among them. But whatever you do, do not put off having a free consultation with us so that you can understand all your options.