Oral Surgery Is Always Serious, So You Need a Second Opinion

Any type of surgery is a serious business, and that includes oral surgery which is a specialty of its’ own. If you need San Francisco oral surgery, the advice is to be sure to get a second opinion.Get a second opinion on oral surgery in San Francisco, California

The most common form of San Francisco oral surgery is wisdom teeth extraction, and it is common because it is necessary for the vast majority of people. The reason that it is so common dates back to prehistoric times when people needed wisdom teeth in order to chew the very tough foods that were eaten then.

Over the years, the need for wisdom teeth has been outgrown, and as a result our jaws have become a little smaller. However, even though we no longer need them, they still attempt to grow. In that regard, they are similar to the appendix which we also do not need, yet we all get one. The problem is that as the wisdom teeth start to erupt in your mid-teens, they have no space in which to grow so they will erupt at an angle, push other teeth out of the way, get stuck under the jawbone, and so on. This can cause all sorts of issues, the worst of which can result in tumors.

So, the answer is to get rid of the wisdom teeth – preferably before they start to cause any issues.

Bone Grafting

However, there are other oral surgeries that require a top-rated surgeon in San Francisco, and these include bone grafting. A bone graft is required when there is not enough bone in the jaw, and this can be as a result of facial trauma sustained in something such as a car accident, or perhaps a sports injury, or simply disease. A bone graft may also be needed in order to insert dental implants. At Oral Surgery San Francisco, our Dr. Alex Rabinovich is a highly skilled and qualified maxillofacial surgeon and can carry out bone grafting for you.

He uses the very latest 3D bone grafting technology in order to ensure that your graft is planned down to the very last tiny detail. Every bone graft is different, and Dr. Rabinovich will aim to get you back to a normal healthy life as soon as possible. With bone grafting it is possible that more than one surgery will be needed.

Very often, bone grafting will be covered by insurance, and our staff will work with you to evaluate your policy. However, Dr. Rabinovich maintains that the cost of San Francisco oral surgery should never be a barrier for those who need it, and to this end he offers a wide choice of different financial plans if you require them.