Many People Want to Know the Cost of Oral Surgery, but It Can Vary

One of the questions we get asked almost every day at Oral Surgery San Francisco is about the cost of oral surgery in San Francisco, and the unfortunate fact is that we can’t answer your question.  Cost of oral surgery in San FranciscoThe simple fact is that there are so many variables that can affect the cost. This is not like asking the greengrocer “how much is a bunch of bananas?” Even the greengrocer cannot give you an accurate answer because it depends on the weight of the bunch. He can only say the same as us: “it depends”.

As always, we need to go a little deeper into this, and the first thing is to know what it is that you need done. When we know what you need to have done with oral surgery in San Francisco, then we can start to get closer to giving you an idea. What we can tell you at this point is that the figure that we eventually quote you will be the exact cost: there will be no extras or add-ons.

In order to understand exactly what you need to have done, the first thing is that we need to see you for a full examination and consultation, and the good news is that we can tell you the exact cost of that.

It is nothing.


Zilch. Nada.

We are happy to provide you with a totally free consultation.

When you see us for your free consultation, we will be able to assess your exact condition and precisely what it is that we need to do in order to cure it. Then we can give you an exact cost of oral surgery in San Francisco for your individual condition.

However, there is another big aspect to the overall cost and that is the question of your insurance. Now the fact is that different insurance policies can work very differently from each other. Many Bay Area companies have pretty good oral surgery insurance; ask your HR specialist. What may be covered on one insurance policy may not be covered on another, and vice versa. So, we would need to work with you on your particular policy and the company that you are with. The good news is that it is possible that you could be fully covered, in which case the answer to the cost of your oral surgery is also zilch. Nada. We are very happy to bill your insurance company direct in this case.

Then again, it may be that your insurance only covers part of the cost, or it could be that it doesn’t cover any of it. But this is still not an issue because we have a whole raft of different finance options as well. There is bound to be one which fits your budget. So, we have you covered from all angles.