Wisdom Teeth That Are Causing Issues Need to Be Extracted

Wisdom teeth are the very last teeth to erupt in the mouth, and despite what you may have heard about them, there is some good news. The good news is that when they erupt correctly, are in alignment, and the gums are healthy, they do not need to be removed.Wisdom teeth extraction is essential for the majority of people

Unfortunately, as you might guess, there is also some bad news, and that is that in most cases they do not erupt successfully and in that case they need to be removed.

The reason that they do not usually erupt successfully is because we no longer need them. They are on a par with our appendix and coccyx. Back in the day, the appendix had some digestive functions, and the coccyx is the stub of our tailbone. We have evolved, and we don’t use them anymore. We don’t have tails. Much the same thing applies to wisdom teeth. In their case, because we no longer need them, our jawbones have become shorter. That means that when those pesky wisdom teeth start to erupt, in most cases they have nowhere to go.

In The Worst Cases They Can Cause Tumors

What happens is that they start pushing sideways trying to find some space in which to erupt, and that can cause other teeth to be pushed out of alignment. They may become impacted. They can partially erupt leaving gaps in the gum which then becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. In the worst cases, tumors and cysts can form around the impacted wisdom tooth which can destroy the jawbone and healthy teeth.

So, the answer is that the “wise” thing to do is to have wisdom teeth extracted. But what is the cost of wisdom teeth extraction in San Francisco?

Well, the cost of wisdom teeth extraction in San Francisco is not as much as you might imagine. It is not a lengthy procedure. In fact, it is an outpatient procedure which can be done in our state-of-the-art surgery here in the Financial District. In most cases, wisdom teeth extraction can be carried out under local anesthetic. Once the teeth have been removed, the gum is sutured. All you need then is a prescription for antibiotics and pain relief. You will need to come back to the office for the removal of the sutures a week later.

As regards, the cost of wisdom teeth extraction in San Francisco, at Oral Surgery San Francisco, our doctors have a wide range of different financial options which you can discuss with members of our team. These include one option which carries no interest if it is paid off within 6 months.