Wisdom Teeth Extraction Is Important and May Be Covered by Insurance

Wisdom teeth are the third molars and unfortunately, most people need to have them extracted. This is because, back in the day, cavemen needed very strong teeth at the back in order to chew tough foods, but over the millennia we no longer need them and as a result, the jaw has actually become shorter. Wisdom teeth extraction may be covered by insurance.It is rather like other things that we don’t need such as the appendix and the coccyx.

However, unfortunately, wisdom teeth still grow, but they don’t have room to erupt correctly in most people. True, a few people have no issues with wisdom teeth, but in most of us, they grow crookedly, push other teeth out of alignment, or can remain trapped under the gum and bone.

This can all lead to other problems such as having an opening around partially erupted wisdom teeth that allow bacteria to grow which will cause infection. In the worst case, tumors can grow around impacted wisdom teeth resulting in damage to the jawbone and other healthy teeth. Removing the wisdom teeth usually resolves these problems.

In fact, as with many things, prevention is better than cure. If your wisdom teeth are going to cause problems, it is best to remove them early on before they have a chance to do so. The good news is that wisdom teeth removal may be covered by your insurance. Our helpful office staff can contact your insurer and check on the situation regarding insurance for wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco.

The Latest 3D Imaging Equipment

Even if you are not covered by insurance for wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco, you still need to have them removed if they are going to cause issues. Our doctors can use the latest New Tom 3D imaging equipment to get a complete picture of your jaw and the position of emerging wisdom teeth, which will enable them to advise whether your wisdom teeth will cause problems as they endeavor to erupt.

If this is the case, then it is best to have them removed as soon as possible so that they don’t begin to damage other teeth and/or your jawbone. If you are covered by your insurance for wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco, then there is no problem.

However, even if you are not covered on your insurance, we can still help you because we have a wide choice of different finance options available. There are plans which carry no interest which can run for up to 6 months. So, whatever your budget, we have a plan that will be suitable for you.