Jaw Issues, Unfortunately, Are More Common than You Think

You only have one jaw and if you are unlucky, you can have issues with it. A lot of people do, however, so if you are among them, you are not alone. But you want your jaw to work correctly and to look good as well, so if you have any such issues, you need the best jaw surgeons in San Francisco.jaw surgery in San Francisco

Jaw problems with malocclusion are usually the result of the jaws growing unevenly. However, there are other causes such as trauma suffered as the result of an accident, or tumors. Many people have crowded or crooked teeth or their teeth do not meet correctly when they bite. These problems can mean it’s harder to keep your teeth and gums clean and your teeth are more likely to become damaged.

Sometimes, jaw problems can be resolved using orthodontics, which is usually done using braces. This can improve the appearance and alignment of crooked, protruding, or crowded teeth, and correct problems with the bite so that the front and back teeth meet evenly.

Orthodontics Alone May Not Be Sufficient

However, in many cases orthodontics alone will not suffice and then it will be necessary to undergo jaw surgery, and for that, you will need to find the best jaw surgeons in San Francisco for your issues, including considering those at Oral Surgery San Francisco. It is what we do. In fact, our Dr. Alex Rabinovich is known as one of the top orthognathic and maxillofacial surgeons not just in the Bay Area or California but across the United States. The main aim of surgery is to achieve a correct bite and produce a look that is natural and with which you will be happy.

Orthognathic surgery is carried out in our state-of-the-art office in San Francisco’s Financial District. It is usually performed under general anesthetic and, depending upon the issue, may be carried out on one or both jaws. If you have any nasal breathing problems, these may be attended to at the same time.

The fact is that no two patients have exactly the same issues and so no two surgeries will be the same either. This means that you need to make an appointment to see Dr. Rabinovich for a free consultation when he will be able to assess your condition and produce an appropriate plan of treatment for your individual circumstances.

Dr. Rabinovich has many years of experience in the treatment of jaw conditions, and he fully understands the problems that people with such issues face. He is without doubt one of the best jaw surgeons in San Francisco, so click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page to make an appointment.