Oral Surgery San Francisco Announces Post on San Francisco Oral Surgery, Wisdom Teeth, and Pain Management

San Francisco, California – October 1, 2020. San Francisco Oral Surgery, a team of oral surgeons working in San Francisco, California, is proud to announce a new post on pain management issues and wisdom teeth extractions. wisdom teeth extraction in San FranciscoMany San Franciscans are reluctant to even consider getting their wisdom teeth removed, often due to cost but even more often due to fear of pain.

“Pain management is probably the number one anxiety faced by wisdom teeth patients,” explained San Francisco oral surgeon Dr. Alex Rabinovich. “Our post gives just a basic explanation, but the best next step is to come in for a consultation. Only a qualified surgeon can evaluate one’s wisdom teeth needs, probable pain issues and mitigation efforts, and even the procedure’s costs,” he continued.

The post can be found at https://www.oralsurgery-sf.com/2020/09/at-oral-surgery-san-francisco-we-make-wisdom-teeth-removal-nearly-pain-free/. Persons who want to learn more about wisdom teeth removal are encouraged to read the detailed information page at https://www.oralsurgery-sf.com/wisdom-teeth/ and then reach out for a consultation. And persons who want to read up on pain management before coming in to the San Francisco Oral Surgery office can visit the page at https://www.oralsurgery-sf.com/pain/. Indeed, those who are looking for information on dental implants can visit the company’s sister website at https://www.sfdentalimplants.com/. In all cases, potential clients are encouraged to reach out and request an evaluation.


Here is the background for this release. Many San Francisco residents tend towards the younger side and thus may not have had their wisdom teeth removed. Indeed, the current Pandemic has created a lot of procrastination as people “work from home” and are not “going out and to the office.” For these reasons, they may not realize despite what may or may not be happening in society, one’s wisdom teeth do not just disappear. They can be creating surreptitious damage, and only a qualified oral surgeon can evaluate the situation. For this reason, the company is announcing a new post on pain management, wisdom teeth, and the necessity of not postponing a potentially necessary surgery.


Oral Surgery San Francisco is located in the Financial District of the City and on the web at https://www.oralsurgery-sf.com/. It is under the direction of Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon specializing in the field of oral surgery. This additional training, along with his years of experience, sets Alex Rabinovich apart from the growing number of general dentists offering oral surgery and other dental procedures. The cost of oral surgery can be expensive, yet the clinic accepts over forty types of insurance plans from Bay Area employers. Oral surgery options include wisdom teeth extraction, jaw surgery, and dental implants. Oral Surgery San Francisco serves all neighborhoods in the city of San Francisco, including Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, and Noe Valley.