Bay Area Residents Need an Expert Jaw Surgeon for Problems With the Jaw and Mouth

Suffering from facial trauma can have a devastating effect on your life and may cause problems with breathing and eating. Possibly worse still is the emotional impact that is caused because the sufferer feels that people will be looking at him or her and thinking that he or she are not “fit” human beings. This can be terribly hard to bear.If you need jaw surgery, you want nothing but the best jaw surgeon in San Francisco

It is especially the case because when someone suffers from facial trauma because it is nearly always as the result of an accident that may very well have been caused by someone else. So, you are suffering from something that was totally beyond your control.

Of course, every person suffering from facial trauma will have different issues from the next person. This is why you will need the services of one of the top-rated jaw surgeons in California such as our Dr. Alex Rabinovich at Oral Surgery San Francisco. We love the Bay Area and love helping Bay Area residents find the best jaw surgeon for them right here in San Francisco.

The First Priority Is Dealing With Life-Threatening Injuries

The first priority in dealing with any facial trauma issue is to deal with life-threatening injuries as soon as possible. Every case of facial trauma is different and facial reconstruction will depend upon the extent of the injuries, which can be to the brain, airways, and other vital structures. This is why you need one of the top-rated jaw surgeons in California.

Such surgery can take several hours because the aim is always to repair as much of the damage as possible in a single operation. However, sometimes this is not possible, and it may take more than one, depending upon the state of the damage.

The second priority in dealing with facial trauma is to repair the look and appearance of the person and restore him or her to as near their original appearance as is possible. This, too, can take more than one operation, and in some cases may need several.

Of course, not all facial surgery is repair work after facial trauma. Some people need facial surgery for cosmetic reasons such as having a nose of the “wrong” shape and simply needing to get it altered. Other surgeries may involve dealing with things such as an underbite or overbite which are a matter of genetics.

Whatever your requirements for facial surgery, you will obviously want an expert, and this is why you need to talk to Dr. Rabinovich as one of the top-rated jaw surgeons in California, and undoubtedly the leading facial surgeon in San Francisco.

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