If You Have Jaw Problems, Oral Surgery SF Offers a Free Consultation

Your jaw, teeth, mouth, and appearance are all very important. Not just for how you look but also for your health. Yet some people suffer from jaw issues for years without doing anything about them which is so unnecessary. We live in the 21st century today, and we have procedures available to handle all type of issues with the jaw and mouth so there is no need to suffer in silence.wisdom teeth

One procedure that is very common that needs San Francisco oral surgery is wisdom teeth extraction. Wisdom teeth are your third molars, and they don’t usually erupt until your mid-teens. Furthermore, we don’t actually need them. In that respect they are like your appendix: we all have them, but they serve no useful purpose.

Wisdom teeth are a throwback to the days of the caveman who needed these big strong teeth for chewing the hard foods of the day, but they are no longer necessary. The result is that our jaws have grown slightly smaller over the centuries and in most cases, there is now no room for the wisdom teeth to grow. Some people actually do have enough room for them, and they will grow perfectly straight, but most of us do not.

They Still Try To Erupt

However, these pesky little devils still try to erupt in the mouth, but as there is insufficient room they can twist and turn as they try to find their way out of the gums. This can cause all sorts of issues. They can get trapped between the gum and the bone. They can erupt sideways. They can push other teeth out of the way as they grow, causing them to move out of alignment. They can leave a gap around them when they partially erupt, and this can become a home for bacteria. There are all sorts of problems. The most serious issues are when cysts or tumors form.

The only answer is for San Francisco oral surgery to remove your wisdom teeth before they cause serious damage. At Oral Surgery San Francisco (located in the Financial District) our doctors – Dr. Alex Rabinovich and Dr. Noah Sandler are experts in the removal of wisdom teeth. They will carry out an oral examination and scan in order to determine the position of the wisdom teeth. Even if they are not currently causing trouble, they will be able to predict if there will be issues in the future as the wisdom teeth grow.

In most cases it is best to have them removed even if there are no current problems because it will prevent them from occurring later on, and it also decreases any surgical risk.

So, if you are in need of San Francisco oral surgery for wisdom teeth, make an appointment for a consultation. We provide a free consultation for all oral surgery issues.