Many San Franciscans are Lucky, But Most Need Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many trendy hipsters work in downtown San Francisco; it’s a center of commerce as well as technology. Well, these twenty-somethings often need a service – wisdom teeth removal – and they want it done nearby. Fortunately, we offer wisdom teeth extraction services near downtown in the Financial District.Wisdom teeth removal in San Francisco.

Our wisdom teeth are our third molars and they don’t begin to erupt until several years after the rest of our teeth have done. Usually you are looking at mid to late teens and into the early twenties. Before the advent of agriculture around 10,000 years ago, early man had bigger jaws than we do today to accommodate more teeth for the purpose of chewing plant matter. When agriculture arrived, it brought with it softer foods that don’t need to be chewed, and so our jaws have become somewhat smaller, but unfortunately our wisdom teeth still grow. This is why wisdom teeth extraction downtown San Francisco has become something of an evil necessity.

Sure, nobody enjoys having teeth removed but they can cause all sorts of problems if they are left to do their “own thing”. In trying to find a way to grow, they can push other teeth out of alignment, cause periodontal disease, and a lot of other associated problems which is why, if you are a resident or worker here you may well need wisdom teeth extraction in downtown San Francisco.

A Free Check Up And Consult on Wisdom Teeth Issues

Our office is in the Financial District in Sacramento Street, not far from where you work, and you can drop in for a free check up and consult with our Dr Alex Rabinovich. He is one of the most highly qualified oral surgeons in the world and undertakes wisdom teeth removal on a daily basis. He can assess the state of your wisdom teeth and advise as to whether they need extraction or not. Some people actually have room for their wisdom teeth to grow and they cause no problem whatsoever, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Wisdom teeth extraction in downtown San Francisco is by no means a serious operation, although having said that it does need to be carried out by an expert who has the skills to avoid damaging nerves which can happen if someone who is not fully qualified, or does not do it very often, is employed. As with many other things, practice makes perfect. Dr Rabinovich also has the latest state-of the-art equipment which can give him a full view of your jawbone in 20 seconds so that he can see exactly where your nerves lie. This is just so much better than an X-ray because it gives him a 3D picture.

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