Overbite And Underbite Correction In San Francisco. Ask for a Jaw Surgeon!

A jaw surgeon in San Francisco can correct problems caused by an underbite or overbite. An overbite is when the top teeth protrude over the lower teeth, while an underbite is the opposite. In either case there can be problems with speech and chewing, and the face may look out of proportion. The person may also look and feel considerably older than his or her age. Continue reading

Does Your Oral Surgeon Take Your Insurance?

You may find that your dentist will refer you to a specialist dental surgeon in order to have wisdom teeth extraction in the Bay Area. There is nothing wrong with that and the oral surgeon to whom you have been referred will probably do a good job. However, you need to be certain that he or she takes your insurance. Before proceeding you should discuss wisdom teeth and insurance with the surgeon. Continue reading

Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a Top Oral Surgeon for Wisdom Teeth Extraction in San Francisco, Announces New Post on Insurance Issues

San Francisco, California – May 25, 2017. Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a highly-skilled oral surgeon specializing in wisdom teeth extraction in San Francisco, is proud to announce a new, informational blog post on insurance options. If a Bay Area patient has to search for a second opinion before wisdom tooth surgery, checking insurance plans may help save time and money. Visiting an in-network provider for a second opinion can ensure a patient receives the full benefits of an insurance plan. Continue reading

Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a Leading Orthognathic Surgeon in San Francisco, Announces New Post on Jaw Surgery Options

San Francisco, CA – April 26, 2017. San Francisco’s leading orthognathic surgeon, Dr. Alex Rabinovich, is proud to announce a new blog post on the topic of jaw surgery and second opinions. Jaw surgery may require several procedures, but once the process begins, the work must move forward and not backwards. For this reason, the new post highlights the importance of research and second opinions before embarking on jaw surgery. Continue reading

You Don’t Want A San Francisco Oral Surgery – You Need A San Francisco Oral Surgeon

Here’s a strange thing: many people go on to Google and search for oral SURGERY San Francisco, when what they really want is an oral SURGEON in San Francisco. The surgery is simply the work carried out by an oral surgeon, so what you really need is the right man for the job – the best oral surgeon in San Francisco (admittedly, a debateable concept). Continue reading

A San Francisco Specialist for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If you are having problems with wisdom teeth and live in San Francisco you need the services of an adept oral surgeon, not just a general dentist. It’s a fact that the removal of wisdom teeth is a highly skilled task, so it is safer to ensure that you are only being seen by one of the best wisdom teeth specialists in San Francisco, our own Dr. Alex Rabinovich. Continue reading

San Francisco Oral Surgeon, Dr. Alex Rabinovich Announces New Post About Oral Surgery Second Opinions

San Francisco, California – March 31, 2017. Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a top oral surgeon working in San Francisco, is proud to announce a new blog post about the value of second opinions. The post explains that, before choosing an oral surgeon, many patients would do well to have at least a consultation with another surgeon. Various types of oral surgery from wisdom tooth extraction to dental implants can benefit from a second opinion. Continue reading