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Considering Wisdom Teeth Extraction in San Francisco? It’s Best to Get a Second Opinion.

It is a fact that many dentists in San Francisco do not undertake the extraction of wisdom teeth for the very simple reason that they have not been trained in this area. This is in much the same way as a surgeon who may remove your appendix may not be trained in brain surgery. In cases like this, your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon – who is qualified in wisdom teeth extraction – if he considers wisdom teeth extraction in the San Francisco Bay Area is the right course of action. Continue reading

If You Need an Oral Surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area, You Need a Specialist

There are a million “flavors” of surgeons in this world, from heart surgeons to brain surgeons to oral surgeons. If you are looking for oral surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area it is as well to choose the best.

Look no further than Dr Alex Rabinovich. Dr Rabinovich does not carry out heart surgery or brain surgery – he leaves that to those who specialize in those fields. Similarly, those surgeons are not oral surgeons and do not undertake oral and maxillofacial surgery – they leave that to Dr. Rabinovich. Continue reading

Finding a Bone Grafting Specialist in San Francisco

So you have taken the plunge and decided to opt for dental implants. However, you might be that one person in a hundred, or a thousand, or whatever the figure is, who does not have enough jawbone to support the implants. This leaves you with two choices: you can either forget the whole idea or you will need a bone graft. However, finding a bone grafting oral surgeon in SF is not so easy. Continue reading

San Francisco Oral Surgeon, Dr. Alex Rabinovich Releases Blog Post on Wisdom Teeth Removal and Second Opinions

San Francisco, California – November 29, 2016. Dr. Alex Rabinovich, a leading oral surgeon in San Francisco, is proud to announce a new blog post on the importance of second opinions vis-a-vis wisdom teeth extractions. If San Francisco residents need to remove wisdom teeth, searching for a second opinion from an oral surgeon can be a smart decision, even when they have received a recommendation from their dentists. Continue reading

Having Wisdom Teeth Extracted in San Francisco is Actually a Wise Move

Many people question why the word “wisdom” is in “wisdom tooth”. The answer is actually quite straightforward. Wisdom teeth don’t normally begin to grow through until we are in our late teens and early twenties, and by that age it is assumed that we have acquired a degree of wisdom. Continue reading

Dr Alex Rabinovich – One of the Best Oral Surgeons in San Francisco

What is it that you need from an oral surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area? We believe that it is one who understands your problem and knows that oral surgery probably makes you shake at the knees a little, even though you know that it has to be done in order to solve your problem.

Let’s be honest, oral surgery is not something that anyone desperately WANTS, any more than we WANT an insurance policy or we WANT a bank. They are all just something that we need and have to have. Continue reading

Why A Second Opinion On Wisdom Teeth In San Francisco Is A Good Idea

If you have trouble with wisdom teeth San Francisco it is likely that your dentist would refer you to an oral surgeon. Many general dentists do not specialize in the treatment of wisdom teeth, in much the same way that a surgeon who might remove your appendix may not be qualified in heart surgery or brain surgery. They are completely different specialties. Continue reading

Ten Reasons to Love San Francisco

It’s true that oral surgeons are not always considered to be the life and soul of the party, but – hey – we like to have some fun too when we’re not in the office. We love San Francisco and the tremendous amount of variety that offers in such a relatively small space. There are dozens of reasons to love the city, but here are our top ten. Continue reading